weight wednesdays

Guess Your Weight Wednesdays

Every Wednesday at TG's Frozen Yogurt, we offer a fun game that might even land you some free froyo. Customers are invited to fill a cup with delicious frozen yogurt and toppings of their choice, and then they are asked to guess how much it weighs before they pay for it. (Everyone gets two guesses!) If they guess the weight of their cup's contents to the nearest tenth of an ounce, the tasty treat is on us. You're welcome, world.

3 dollar thursdays

$3 Thursdays

Guessing the weight of frozen yogurt isn't your thing? Don't worry! Every Thursday, any cup of frozen yogurt - complete with toppings - is only three dollars. This applies to whatever you can fit in your bowl, so plan strategically. We expect it to be overflowing with sweet goodness...

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