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Our idea and passion for frozen yogurt first started with enjoying the frozen dessert on a regular basis in South Bend, Indiana at a local frozen yogurt shop. Logan and I also had encouragement from a close friend who, not only resides in southern California, but was out there when the frozen yogurt boom hit. We liked the idea of a business that didn't require the amount of labor that most businesses were accustomed to having. We liked the idea of developing great relationships with our customers while enjoying their dessert. It was the perfect environment to show our customers that we care about their health and them as a person.

TG's frozen yogurt opened in May of 2013. We have 6 machines that dispense out eighteen different flavors of yogurt. To appeal to our customers, TG'S has at least one sorbet and one tart yogurt on hand at all times. We have over sixty toppings ranging from your traditional peanuts to frozen cookie dough.

Here at TG's our passion is to provide a yogurt service like no other. From our yogurt selection to numerous toppings, customers can consume the "whole package" when it comes to dessert.

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Honey Hill Facts...

  • A facet of Sugar Creek Foods, which has been operating in Russellville, Arkansas since 1946.
  • The Honey Hill Farms brand has been a favorite among frozen yogurt eaters for over 30 years.
  • They are the official sponsor and provider of TG's Frozen Yogurt. Pass the froyo, please!


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